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Hotels and hostels, surf and sport camps, activities and wellness offer, wave parks, tour or course providers – Traverise makes it possible

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Wheter you are opening your first property or expanding your portfolio, Traverise is the solution to increase your bookings and enhance your revenue with just a klick.

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Efficiently manage your business with our advanced software

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Developed from ground-up expertise in the accommodation sector, our platform is purpose-built to support accommodation businesses at every step.

Overseeing 1 to 5 properties?

Managing 6 or more properties?

Transform the way you manage bookings

Say goodbye to endless emails and hello to a booking software that combines all your needs to optimize your operations and simplify administrative tasks

Booking Process

With Traverise you will experience a seamless user journey, featuring an intuitive interface for fast and easy navigation, selection and confirmation of your accommodation or activity options. Due to the tailorable booking options and real-time availability your guests will enjoy every step of their booking experience.


Our payment system smoothly interfaces with Stripe, accepting a diverse range of payment methods for secure and immediate transactions. This integration guarantees a trustworthy and efficient checkout process, with multi-currency support and instant payment confirmations, offering customers a reliable and effortless experience.

CRM, Invoicing and Cash Flow

Centralize your Customer Relationship Management, invoicing, and cash flow tracking within a single, powerful back-office system. Acquire valuable insights through extensive analytics, automated invoice generation, and simplified financial management, all available in real-time.


Upselling and Management: Leverage our advanced tools to pinpoint upselling opportunities and efficiently oversee day-to-day operations. Whether it’s suggesting additional services or monitoring customer engagement, Traverise empowers you to optimize revenue and elevate your customers experience.

Channel Manager

Experience full connectivity with our Channel Manager, guaranteeing synchronization of your listings across leading platforms such as, Airbnb, Agoda, and Expedia. Prevent overbookings, maximize your occupancy rates, and boosts visibility, while automated updates streamline your workflow.


Access in-depth analytics and customizable dashboards, enabling you to monitor performance indicators and booking trends. Benefit from real-time insights, automated report scheduling, and detailed reports for informed decision-making and enhanced operational efficiency.

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