Travel 360°:

Overnight stays, extras, activities

Suitable for: Lodges, campsites, surf/sports camps, active/family hotels, boutique hotels and much more.


€ 299


Access to the Traverise booking software and detailed documentation. Implementation of Traverise is done with the help of our onboarding experts. For further included services, please contact our team.


€ 399


Traverise BASIC package + support with the installation of Traverise implemented in your own website and maintenance of the website/Traverise.


€ 599


Traverise PLUS package + installation of the software, ongoing monthly maintenance of the website/Traverise, selection of one of five website templates so that your company can generate bookings immediately (minimum contract term 1 year).


€ 599


€ 5000 Start-Up Fee

Traverise ENHANCED package + custom website design with one of our developers. Choose one of the templates and we’ll help you customise the website to your brand to ensure your unique online presence (minimum contract period 1 year).

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